Singing & Dancing Promotes Child Development


We already knew that raving is fun but now we’ve discovered there’s far more to it than just making us happy.  

Psychology professor, Patricia Riddell, of the University of Reading reports that “singing and dancing with children has been shown to increase brain connectivity and benefits child-parent interactions.” Singing is excellent for communication, language and literacy as well as giving children an early understanding of the world – and dancing is recognised as helping children in their social and emotional development as they interact with other children – as well as their physical fitness, creativity and coordination.


But it is not only the child’s brain that benefits from these activities. “Parents who sing and dance with their children are creating a fun and relaxed space to interact. This improves communication and can help to relieve stress. We know that neurones that fire together, wire together – the brain is looking for patterns. The rhythm of music and dance help to create these patterns, allowing the brain to connect across different senses – vision, hearing and movement”.  

So heading to Rave-A-Roo could not only give adults an opportunity to let their hair down, it can actually aid your child’s development as they enjoy this mash-up of family, festival fun.