We’re very excited to let you know about RAVE-ON-CALLING!

We love our Rave-A-Roo community so we thought it would be a good idea to invite our followers to spread the word about RAVE-A-ROO and be rewarded with FREE TICKETS and FREE GOODIES.



Sign up to Rave-On-Calling and become a Rave-A-Roo brand ambassador. We will send you your own personal discount code that will allow all your friends, family, communities, networks and people in your local area to buy tickets to Rave-A-Roo at a whopping 10% off! The mums and dads in the playground are going to love you!


We will give you ONE FREE TICKET AND TWO PARTY BAGS FOR EVERY TEN TICKETS BOUGHT through your personal discount code. Plus, the more tickets you sell, the more goodies there are to collect at the event, including kids party bags, a cool tote bag and a bottle of Prosecco from our bar.  Take a look at the picture below for full REWARD details and how RAVE-ON-CALLING works for you.




To join, email hello@rave-a-roo.com with your full name and quote RAVE-ON-CALLING. We’ll then send you an email of what to expect next, as well as respond to any questions you might have.

If you’ve already bought tickets to Rave-A-Roo before we launched RAVE-ON-CALLING on the 3rd August, don’t worry! Sign up and we’ll add those tickets to your total.

There are a limited number of places available to become a Rave-A-Roo brand ambassador, so contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.





- There are a limited number of Rave-On-Calling subscriptions available. Applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. 

- The discount code will only apply to any standard tickets bought and cannot be used when purchasing the group ticket option.

- Any standard or group tickets already purchased cannot be refunded or exchanged for Rave-On-Calling tickets with the discount code applied.

- There are a limited number of tickets available at the discounted Rave-On-Calling price, and these are subject to availability. Rave-A-Roo reserves the right to take Rave-On-Calling discounted tickets off sale at any point in time.

- Only paid for tickets count towards the reward scheme. The free under 18 month option does not apply towards rewards, but can still be ordered as part of transactions where the discount code is used.

- “Free tickets” earned will be redeemed by placing names on the door at a Rave-A-Roo event of your choice. Physical tickets will not be issued.

-"Free tickets" earned are redeemable for 4.30pm sessions only.

- “Goodies” can only be claimed on site at a Rave-A-Roo event, and will not be posted out to subscribers unless special circumstances apply and alternative arrangements are made at Rave-A-Roo’s discretion.

- Any "goodies/rewards" earned for previous Rave-A-Roo events (those before 3rd August 2017) are no longer valid. The code usage data is reset with each new block of events.

- Rave-A-Roo reserves the right to remove any person from the Rave-On-Calling scheme for any lawful reason that it deems fit.

- Rave-On-Calling brand ambassadors are not to promote their discount code on Rave-A-Roo’s official public platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, the code must not be used in ways that would be deemed as ‘spamming’. Permission must be sought before advertising the code on any public platform of which the brand ambassador isn’t the owner. 

- When publishing your code on social media the privacy setting must be set to "friends" and not "public".

- Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all tickets bought using the discount code. These can be found at point of purchase through our third party ticket agency Ticketline.