How To Improve School Results


The Guardian newspaper published an article in October 2017, reporting on a primary school in Bradford that had experienced a surprising improvement in the results of their students SAT exams. 74% of its students achieved the required standard for reading, writing and maths. The national average is 53%. Not bad for a school that was in special measures in 2000. The reason for this drastic improvement? The school’s headteacher, Naveed Idrees, believes that this improvement is due to music, drama and art becoming an essential part of the school week, with students devoting up to six hours a week to music alone.

“Children learn rhythm, hand signs and movement, for example, in a way that will help their reading, writing and maths” says Naveed. As a bare minimum, each child gets a 30-minute music lesson, a half-hour follow-up lesson, plus a one-hour music assembly with a guest musician and group singing. The school’s attendance has risen to 98%.

Now there’s a few reasons to make music an integral part of your child’s life.