The Benefits of Dance for Young Children


Expert research is confirming what Rave-A-Roo already knew...

Dancing, even without structured lessons, can hugely benefit your child's development. From flexibility and posture to triggering happy endorphins, dancing can improve your child's health, as well as improving their concentration. Who needs more excuses to rave with their little ones?

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Rave-A-Roo have won the 2018 Hoop Award for Best Family Entertainment in London! We also came in as a runner up as Best Family Entertainment in Birmingham. 

Hoop is an app that makes it easy for families to find or book fun things going on for kids aged 0-11yrs old. We've been so happy to have been regularly featured on their app and in their emails. We're sure it's helped introduce Rave-A-Roo to lots of families in London and beyond.


Rave-a-Roo are delighted and honoured to have won this award. Unlimited thanks goes out to everyone who voted for us. Our family rave would not be the event it is without our amazing headliners, hosts, resident artists and crew, but most importantly we wouldn't be Rave-A-Roo without our awesome guests. We are totally over the moon.




CBeebies superstar, Hey Duggee and The Stick Song took centre stage at the inimitable Rave-A-Roo at London’s superclub Ministry of Sound this February and March. Resident artists, Go!Go!Go! led the crowd in an interactive version of the super, catchy rave tune. Amy, Carl and Jade bounced their way through the official moves of The Stick Song with another of their trademark high-energy performances.


Just as the smiles couldn’t get any bigger, the screen raised to reveal the pawesome leader of the Squirrel Club himself, Duggee! Duggee hit the legendary Ministry decks to spin a few of his favourite tunes, before heading outside for a meet and greet in the Colouring Courtyard, so his fans could collect their Duggee hug!


Hey Duggee is based around 'The Squirrel Club' run by a big lovable and huggable dog called Duggee. It’s a place where children take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures & earn activity badges all along the way. Duggee teaches the Squirrels about being responsible, working as a team, taking acceptable risks and most importantly having fun!

We are delighted with our new huggable friend, Duggee. What an amazing rave!




Back by popular demand, it is with shear delight that we inform our mini-ravers and their grown-ups that Shaun the Sheep is returning to Ministry of Sound for our first rave of 2018. On 27th January, this family favourite will be raising the roof alongside the amazing Go!Go!Go! with Shake It With Shaun.  

Shaun the Sheep headlined for Rave-A-Roo last year to glowing reviews. Go!Go!Go! stars, Jade and Carl and the amazing electro dancers sported flat caps as they played farmers during this dynamic stage show. These Nick Jr. regulars brought their special brand of contagious energy to the stage, as they taught the eager audience how to Shake It With Shaun.

Our new favourite farmers [don’t tell the farmer at Mossy Bottom Farm!) busted out Shaun’s favourite dance moves, in front of a big screen of Shaun performing them himself. Breaking the routine down into bite-sized chunks, these seasoned dancers coached the whole audience, until everyone could Shake It With Shaun.

After the roaring success of these events we felt we had to invite Shaun back to Rave-A-Roo to kickstart the new year for us. The pairing of Shaun the Sheep and Go!Go!Go! is a match not to be missed. Check out this awesome video to see what happened last time Shaun came to rave with us at the legendary London superclub.


How To Improve School Results


The Guardian newspaper published an article in October 2017, reporting on a primary school in Bradford that had experienced a surprising improvement in the results of their students SAT exams. 74% of its students achieved the required standard for reading, writing and maths. The national average is 53%. Not bad for a school that was in special measures in 2000. The reason for this drastic improvement? The school’s headteacher, Naveed Idrees, believes that this improvement is due to music, drama and art becoming an essential part of the school week, with students devoting up to six hours a week to music alone.

“Children learn rhythm, hand signs and movement, for example, in a way that will help their reading, writing and maths” says Naveed. As a bare minimum, each child gets a 30-minute music lesson, a half-hour follow-up lesson, plus a one-hour music assembly with a guest musician and group singing. The school’s attendance has risen to 98%.

Now there’s a few reasons to make music an integral part of your child’s life.



Go!Go!Go! Shake It With Shaun the Sheep at Ministry of Sound


Go!Go!Go Electro took to the stage with Aardman Animations’ superstar, Shaun the Sheep at Rave-A-Roo on 7th October & 11th November 2017. As resident artists for Rave-A-Roo, Go!Go!Go! are regulars at London’s infamous super club, Ministry of Sound, which hosts the biggest and best family friendly rave. Kids’ favourite, Shaun the Sheep, appeared as guest DJ spinning his favourite tunes and raising the roof, as Go!Go!Go!’s Jade and Carl taught the mini-ravers Shaun’s best dance moves.


‘Shake It With Shaun’ has become an internet sensation as the beloved flock leader, with the help of some friends, teaches kids these simple and fun dance moves. The video has had over 500,000 views on YouTube with a number of famous faces joining the craze, such as CBBC stars from The Next Steps, 4 O’Clock Club, Blue Peter, Hetty Feather and Raven!

The junior ravers at Rave-A-Roo went wild to see the dance moves brought to life by Jade and Carl, who played flat-capped farmers for the show. Audience participation brought the show to a climax with the whole crowd performing the routine and ‘Shaking It With Shaun’.

Click on the video above to see how it all started.


Singing & Dancing Promotes Child Development


We already knew that raving is fun but now we’ve discovered there’s far more to it than just making us happy.  

Psychology professor, Patricia Riddell, of the University of Reading reports that “singing and dancing with children has been shown to increase brain connectivity and benefits child-parent interactions.” Singing is excellent for communication, language and literacy as well as giving children an early understanding of the world – and dancing is recognised as helping children in their social and emotional development as they interact with other children – as well as their physical fitness, creativity and coordination.


But it is not only the child’s brain that benefits from these activities. “Parents who sing and dance with their children are creating a fun and relaxed space to interact. This improves communication and can help to relieve stress. We know that neurones that fire together, wire together – the brain is looking for patterns. The rhythm of music and dance help to create these patterns, allowing the brain to connect across different senses – vision, hearing and movement”.  

So heading to Rave-A-Roo could not only give adults an opportunity to let their hair down, it can actually aid your child’s development as they enjoy this mash-up of family, festival fun.